I started a Go Fund me account.

I started a go fund me account because I lost my job. I just need enough help to keep me focused on finding a good job/ career.

I’ll do my best to live up to the love, prayers and support of all of you. Thank you so much.


Every time I see Obama Talk…

Every time I see Obama talk all I see him say is this!!!

And every time I see Hillary I think of her like this because she won’t stop!!!

I didn’t want to get political on my blog but I’m worried about this November.

I want all republicans to get out and vote. We need this because right now the economy is doing wonderful and if the democrats impeach Donald J Trump we will stop having this success that we are in right now.

I am not trying to use scare tactics to get people to vote but our Second Amendment and the progress we have been making will be lost.

I have a strong feeling that people are going to go out and vote because they don’t want to have that happen. I am putting this out there to inform people who are thinking that there Vote won’t count. I want you to know that every vote does.

I’m a Patriot who loves his country and I support my President. Donald J Trump will be known as one of the greatest President of our time.

Everyone have a wonderful night. And Keep America Great. I like to use my phrase “let’s Paint America Red in November 2018. Get out and vote!!! Thanks everyone.

Day 6 Water Fasting

I’m at day six Water Fasting. I was at 219.8 when I started and that was after eating a few huge meal. I’m now at 207.4. I don’t feel hungry but my mouth just desires food for flavor. Other than that I have lots of energy. Yesterday I was afraid of hitting a plateau so that is why I went for a 5 mile hike/walk. I went with my son Tristin and he was hungry. We went to McDonald’s and the funny thing is when you haven’t eaten in five days even food at McDonald’s smells amazing. I roughed through it with 4 glasses of ice cold water. But this morning weighing myself made it all worth roughing it through my sons meal. 9 more days to go. Of course that depends on my body fat percentage. Anyways I’m doing great. Have a great day. These two meals below are looking more and more a wonderful every day. 😂

My video sharing platform

Hey everyone I made a video for my video sharing platform. I’m going to update it more but this is my first one. I’m working hard to get this going. I’m pushing for January but we will see. I will keep everyone updated.

Media Platform
Free speech is always welcome

I’m trying to get funding for a new video sharing platform

Hey everyone I’m trying to get funding for a new Video sharing platform. I will always support free speech and a free internet experience. Even a dollar will help get it rolling. I’m not trying to replace the current platforms but trying to start a place where everyone can express themselves without worrying about being shut down.


Just had a wake up call yesterday.

I went to the gym and had a trainer give me a special training. I couldn’t believe how out of shape I am. It’s always good to get a special look at yourself. I hope everyone is doing great with their plans to better health and you achieve your goals. If anyone wants to work with me let me know and we can compare, compete with our goals and results. Or we can just help motivate each other.

I am always open to donations so I can keep this blog going.

Hey everyone it’s another day

I’m starting to get lots of views on my gofundme account. It’s a matter of time before I start getting donations. I’m wanting to do this video blogging social media platform because I want everyone to have their voices heard without media trying to shut them down through pressuring the platform. I’m under the radar now so getting it started will be easier at first. I’m not trying to replace current platforms but I want a place everyone can go. I will not let my politics get in the way of open platform. I’m working on a video to share my idea of how it will work. Hopefully if people chip in a buck or 2 it will start to grow naturally. The funding is so I can focus on starting the platform and put more energy into it. I’m hoping it will be a full time push. Anyways thanks for sharing, liking and following me. You are all the best.

Gofundme for a Free Platform to share your content without being regulated.